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Arched Composite doors Manchester

Arched composite doors

Arched composite doors can make the Ideal entrance to you home.

As you can see from the images below. There are a wide variety of composite door styles, door colours and glass designs, for your door and surround available.

Your uPVC door frame surround can also be colour matched to your composite door.

A complimentary range of door furniture can also be added to complete the look, including letterplates, knockers, door knobs and spy holes.

The arched doors are measured and made, specifically for your entrance way which ensures you receive a perfect fit.

To complement our extensive portfolio of UPVC windows and doors, our arched composite doors, combined with the low maintenance yet high security aspects of UPVC frames, have become one of our best selling products.

We can discuss a variety of door locking options including the long bar handle, lever handles and the heritage finger pull escutcheon. For extra security you could also add an additional Rim Latch.

Selecting a front door for your house can be a hard decision to make, especially if you’re to choose the safest model that enhances the style of your property at the same time.

Some of the benefits of arched composite doors include:

  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Keeping heat in during colder periods such as winter
  • Keeping your room cool in the summer
  • Safer than a wooden door with a top of the range locking system
  • Easy to clean and paint free

Our experts at Ideal Window Systems Ltd will help guide you through the process.

You can contact one of our experts on 0161 969 3232

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arched composite doors

arched composite doors

How we make every job a 5 Star installation

How Ideal Window Systems Ltd makes every job a 5 star installation

Talk to the Customer

From the moment you make your first phone call or send your initial email you will be met with the very best customer service. For any company to receive a 5 star installation review, good communication is key from the beginning.

Our first step is taking down your details and a brief description of what you would like us to quote for you.

We will make an appointment with you at a time that suits you. We will also call you on the morning of your appointment to confirm if the time is still suitable for you, or reschedule accordingly.

Know your options

Once we arrive with you for your appointment, our colleague will go through all the available options for the work required. With the many years of experience in the uPVC window industry we can help you make the right decisions for your home.

We have expert knowledge of all products. Whether it be uPVC windows and doors, porches, composite doors, Aluminium bifolding doors or roofline products.

The full range of all our products can be found here

Our colleague can also advise you on energy efficiency, installation and building regulations, leaving you peace of mind that you will receive an expert installation.

We will not outstay our welcome, we will arrive, talk to you about your options and answer any questions you have and then leave.

The quotation is usually done the following day, you will receive a phone call to discuss the quotation and it will then posted or emailed out to you on that day. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the quotation at any time.

Measure, measure and measure some more

Once you have decided to chose Ideal Window Systems for your installation, we will book you in for a survey. This is done to ensure that exact measurements are taken and all windows and doors are sized and ordered correctly.

This is booked in at a time that will suit you, and we will let you know how long it should take.

When our surveyor arrives he is happy to talk through all the options that you have decided on, he will also go through the contract with you, and discuss the deposit required for the work.

This is then returned to our offices and the order is placed.

Once your survey has been completed you will be given your installation date/s.

Focus on the finish

Once the installation date has been agreed, the next step is the installation itself.

Our experienced installation team will arrive on the scheduled day and should complete the installation within the allotted time.

We work swiftly and efficiently,  and will leave your home as clean as a whistle.

And finally..

Once the installation is complete and the final balance payment is taken, we will issue you an invoice and guarantee.

We are also Fensa registered, so if the job requires, you will be issued with a Fensa certificate and an insurance backed guarantee.

As a company we also send everyone what we call a “recommendation cheque book”.

Should you recommend a friend with the cheque book and they decide to chose Ideal Window Systems you would receive a cheque for up to £50.00

All the socials

Everyone loves a review and we are no different. If you are happy with your completed installation and you decide to leave a 5 star review we can be found on:



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Contact us

You can contact us on 0161 969 3232

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5 Star installation

5 Star installation

Ideal Window Systems Ltd welcomes you to 2020!

Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020!

Welcome 2020

Ideal Window Systems Ltd welcomes you to 2020!

The first thing we will be celebrating in 2020 is our 15 Year anniversary.

Ideal Window Systems Ltd opened its doors in our Cross Street, Sale, Manchester offices in January 2005. Since this time we have successful increased both our workforce and our client base. Through our hard work we have managed to achieve an excellent reputation in business for our expertise, customer service, craftsmanship and professionalism.

The company will be celebrating with some anniversary promotions for you to look out for.

Looking forward to 2020 we are hoping to increase our range of products, expand our workforce and continue to complete installations to our own high standards. Gratefully we are starting the year with many installations already secured.

2019 was a record breaking year for us and we hope to use that as a stepping stone to an even better year in 2020.

We look forward to updating you more in 2020

Thank you to everyone for their continued support of Ideal Window Systems ltd


If you’d like any more information about the services we provide you can to find out more by calling 0161 969 3232 to speak to any of our qualified staff

Or visit us at

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Ideal Window Systems Ltd end of year 2019!

Ideal Window Systems Ltd end of year for 2019.

Time flies and the new year will be upon us before we know it.

We have been looking back on the year and feeling fortunate to have had a very successful year in 2019 and that is down, in no small part, to the hard work of all of our employees and the exceptional work they do for us. Their many years of experience and professionalism give us the confidence to offer exceptional workmanship.

We would also like to thank each and every one of our customers. It is always a pleasure, from the first initial phone call, to discussing how to transform your home, and right through to the installation. Meeting people who come back again and again, and can be known on a first name basis is what our business is all about, and we hope to get to know many more in the coming years.

We have completed a record number of installations in 2019, and have already secured installations into 2020, we cannot wait to see what the year holds for us.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our ongoing success and onwards to another outstanding year in 2020!


If you’d like any more information about the services we provide you can to find out more by calling 0161 969 3232 to speak to any of our qualified staff

Or visit us at

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Ideal Window Systems ltd

Ideal Window Systems ltd

Work Christmas party 2019!

Work Christmas party 2019!

Saturday night was party night!

There is nothing better than getting together at the end of the year for the Christmas party.

Its a time when we put down the work tools,  put on our glad rags, have some fun, and celebrate our friendships.

We all work exceptionally hard during the year and having time to celebrate our success is so important, and taking time to thank and appreciate our staff for everything they do.

This year we went to The Istanbul Grill in Cheadle for an excellent meal, great service and live music to clap along to.

We drank, we laughed and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. Thank you for everything you did in 2019 and here’s to 2020!


If you’d like any more information about the services we provide you can to find out more by calling 0161 969 3232 to speak to any of our qualified staff

Or visit us at

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Why chose uPVC windows?

Why chose uPVC windows?

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for ‘unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’, it’s one of the most popular building materials around today, due to being extremely versatile, safe, low maintenance and durable. It’s also completely recyclable.


For many people, price is the overriding concern when making a big purchase like this. On that front, uPVC window frames are a clear winner, a cheap and cost-effective material. Buying local from an independent company like us can guarantee you a very competitive price.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency is the extent to which your window frames can keep the heat locked into your home. The less warmth you lose through the windows, the more you’ll save on your heating bills. More efficient frames will also keep you comfortable, especially during the colder months. uPVC windows can provide excellent thermal efficiency which is an excellent reason to chose uPVC windows.


How good will your new window frames look? Will they suit the style and appearance of your home? While modern uPVC frames are available in a range of colours and styles, or, if you prefer, realistic wood effects, when it comes to design the only limitation is your imagination.


It’s important to consider how your uPVC window frames will fare against the weather, and what will be their likely lifespan. uPVC windows are strong and sturdy, and could last you many years in the right conditions.


Will you have to spend much time looking after your window frames? Are they vulnerable to wear and tear? uPVC window frames are famously low-maintenance; all that they require is the odd wipe-down with a damp cloth, some non abrasive cream cleaner, and they’ll be good as new. We provide a 10 year guarantee on all our uPVC window frames, and 1 year on all moving parts.


Many people, understandably, worry most about the security of their uPVC windows. All our windows come with locking window handles, and multi point locking systems. Your windows can also come with a choice of safety glass options.

Environmental considerations

One main factor to consider is thermal efficiency. We can provide you with an energy rating for your uPVC windows and double glazing. Your windows expected lifespan is another consideration; longer-lasting frames will have a smaller impact on the environment because they won’t need replacing so soon.


Finally, thinking about what will happen to your old frames, once you chose uPVC windows? Following your installation of replacement uPVC windows, we remove and dispose of all existing materials. We fully recycle all of our uPVC windows and doors.


If you’d like any more information about the services we provide you can to find out more by calling 0161 969 3232 to speak to any of our qualified staff

Or visit us at

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Before and after UPVC windows:

uPVC windows?

Before and after uPVC windows

Replacement Double Glazed Units

Replacement double glazed units.

Failed units, Misted glass, Condensation between panes, Cloudy windows?

These are the most recognisable terms used to describe when your double glazing has failed.

Often as a window company we receive enquiries about double glazed units that have “failed”. The customer may presume that the entire window may need replacing, this is not always the case. If a home had double glazing installed 10 to 15 years ago, it is quite likely there will be a failure of some of the double glazed units. So it’s important to understand why double glazed units fail.

Usually people notice this change by spotting water between the glass panes.

Your double glazed “unit”, (the glass itself) is a hermetically sealed unit containing either simple air or more recently argon gas with coatings on the inner panes of glass. If your windows are steaming up or condensating internally (water inside the pane), the simple explanation is that the hermetic seal of the double glazed unit has broken.

What causes the seal to break? What you may not know is that all things including windows expand and contract with heat and cold, this expansion and contraction may over time cause the hermetic seal to break.
With this seal broken, air carrying moisture is now entering the double glazed unit causing the condensation you see internally subject to whatever weather conditions are prevalent at the time or the internal moisture.

This is why for your piece of mind we provide a 10 year warranty on all our replacement double glazed units.

Our qualified installers will complete the replacement double glazed units and restore your window to its former glory. We will make an appointment that suits you, and come out to measure the failed unit. We will also take into account any other factors such as lead work to ensure we replace the unit like for like.

A full range of obscure/textured glass can be found here

If you’d like any more information about the services we provide you can to find out more by calling 0161 969 3232 to speak to any of our qualified staff

Or visit us at

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Replacement double glazed units

Replacement double glazed units


Composite doors the IDEAL door for you.

Why pick composite? Benefits of composite doors? Are they secure?

When choosing a door your eyes may turn to the composite, sparking a new age of door with a timber or aluminium appeal. With the security and durability of modern materials. The composite door is available in a vast range of designs and with its multi-point locking system and a thick robust slab.

The primary function of a door is to stop the outside getting in, be it cold weather, rain or even on unfortunate circumstance but an intruder. The composite door is the best residential door on the market for this task. Our composite doors are SBD approved. They also come with a A+ energy rating. You could lower your home insurance and heating bills but also increase the price of your property with the installation of one of our composite doors.

Should I upgrade my current uPVC door? Our uPVC doors are very secure, but our composite door offers a preeminent level of security. Composite doors have a larger variety of choice offering a modern or traditional look to the property. Whereas the uPVC door range although expansive is a more popular choice for a back or porch door, with the option for a larger glazed area to let in plenty of light.

Are they hard to maintain? Composite doors come with a long guarantee and don’t require the same level of maintenance as a timber door. We do recommend just a rub down with a warm soapy cloth every few months.

View our door brochures here.


Our most popular uPVC window? Here’s why…

Our Rehau total70 uPVC window frames installed with the correct glazing unit, achieve the highest possible window energy rating (WER) for thermal efficiency. Rehau total70 uPVC windows can achieve U-values of up to 0.8 W/m2k. Meaning they are suitable for a Passivhaus building. This is currently the highest specification, for the most energy efficient buildings in Europe.
The passivhaus standard sets out to build low energy homes and is currently gaining a lot of attention throughout the UK. Rehau total70 uPVC windows can meet the criteria for a zero-carbon home which exemplifies why they are the leading industry product for uPVC windows.

Now should you upgrade your current uPVC windows. Well up to 40% of heat in the home is lost through the windows and doors. Installing Rehau total70 A rated thermally efficient uPVC windows would be nothing but beneficial.

The Rehau total70 uPVC frame also has acoustic benefits, well the glazing unit is largely responsible for the noise reduction. The total70 frame can help reduce the noise levels as much as half in your home in comparison to old uPVC window frames.

Are these secure windows? All Rehau uPVC windows can comply with PAS 24, a security standard for the frame and locking system. This allows them to meet the Secured by design (SBD) certification. Which is the official police security initiative and can help to reduce home insurance costs.

Why Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows? Casement windows? Bay windows? Sash windows?, Sliding windows? Aluminum windows?  The choice today is wider than it has ever been.

The importance of Windows

It has often been said that windows are the eyes of the home, allowing the owners the opportunity to watch what is happening outside. But window functions don’t just end there, windows provide natural lighting and ventilation, act as emergency exits, and can be seen as an integral component of the architectural style of the home. Nowadays windows to perform so many functions yet we still expect our windows to be inexpensive, easy to operate and maintain, durable and attractive – and energy-efficient. Increasing energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Because they are called upon to perform so many functions, it may be difficult for windows to do all of them equally well.


For example, a large north-facing picture window may give you a fantastic view of the countryside, but if the window is not very energy-efficient, the heat loss from it may be quite high. Sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to sit beside this window on a cold winter day. Luckily, technical breakthroughs such as double glazed windows and associated technology has ushered in the era of high-performance windows. If your windows are over fifteen years old, it may be time to think about replacing them.

Renovation or New Build

Lately, we have spent more on renovations than on new construction, with windows representing one of the largest single costs in a typical renovation. And, when it comes time for major renovations around the home, we are all are paying as much attention to energy efficiency and economics as they are to architecture and aesthetics. Remember, double glazed windows will last up to twenty years or more. Therefore, the decisions you make when choosing windows and doors – either for a renovation or a new home – can help increase energy efficiency and comfort levels in the home for years to come.

New Technologies

High-performance double glazed windows and doors offer significant improvements in solar control, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. They do this by incorporating low-E coatings, inert gas fills, and better edge spacers and frames.

Read all about our choice of windows and accreditations

Contact us now for a free quote or call us now on 0161 969 3232


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