Flush Sash uPVC Windows

Customer had original timber windows in Timperley. The wanted to keep the style of the house so went for uPVC grained flush sash windows with surface mounted astragal bars

A customer in Timperley wanted to preserve the timeless elegance of their home while embracing the benefits of modernity. Faced with the challenge of replacing their original timber windows, they sought a solution that would seamlessly uphold the house’s style. The choice ultimately led them to the installation of stunning uPVC grained flush sash windows, complete with surface-mounted astragal bars.

These new windows encapsulate the essence of the house’s design while offering the advantages of contemporary materials. The grained texture of the uPVC material emulates the organic warmth of timber, providing a nod to tradition without compromising on the durability and low-maintenance benefits that uPVC brings. The flush sash design further enhances the authenticity, ensuring a clean and cohesive appearance that perfectly aligns with the home’s aesthetic.

By opting for surface-mounted astragal bars, the customer achieved a seamless fusion of classic aesthetics with modern technology. These bars add a touch of elegance and depth to the windows, mimicking the appearance of traditional divided panes while benefiting from the energy efficiency and easy maintenance that come with single-pane glazing.

In preserving the original character of the house, the uPVC-grained flush sash windows stand as a testament to the balance between tradition and innovation. The customer’s choice not only respects the architectural heritage of Timperley but also ensures a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. These windows are a testament to the power of design evolution, showcasing how the marriage of classic style and advanced materials can bring out the best in a home’s appearance and functionality.

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