Rehau Total 70

Our most popular uPVC window? The Rehau Total 70! Here’s why…

Our Rehau total70 uPVC window frames installed with the correct glazing unit, achieve the highest possible window energy rating (WER) for thermal efficiency. Rehau total70 uPVC windows can achieve U-values of up to 0.8 W/m2k. Meaning they are suitable for a Passivhaus building. This is currently the highest specification, for the most energy efficient buildings in Europe.
The passivhaus standard sets out to build low energy homes and is currently gaining a lot of attention throughout the UK. Rehau total70 uPVC windows can meet the criteria for a zero-carbon home which exemplifies why they are the leading industry product for uPVC windows.

Now should you upgrade your current uPVC windows. Well up to 40% of heat in the home is lost through the windows and doors. Installing Rehau total70 A rated thermally efficient uPVC windows would be nothing but beneficial.

The Rehau total70 uPVC frame also has acoustic benefits, well the glazing unit is largely responsible for the noise reduction. The total70 frame can help reduce the noise levels as much as half in your home in comparison to old uPVC window frames.

Are these secure windows? All Rehau uPVC windows can comply with PAS 24, a security standard for the frame and locking system. This allows them to meet the Secured by design (SBD) certification. Which is the official police security initiative and can help to reduce home insurance costs.

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