Composite Doors

Why pick composite? What are the benefits of composite doors? Are they secure?

When choosing a door your eyes may turn to the composite, sparking a new age of door with a timber or aluminium appeal. With the security and durability of modern materials. The composite door is available in a vast range of designs and with its multi-point locking system and a thick robust slab.

The primary function of a door is to stop the outside getting in, be it cold weather, rain or even on unfortunate circumstance but an intruder. The composite door is the best residential door on the market for this task. Our composite doors are SBD approved. They also come with a A+ energy rating. You could lower your home insurance and heating bills but also increase the price of your property with the installation of one of our composite doors.

Should I upgrade my current uPVC door? Our uPVC doors are very secure, but our composite door offers a preeminent level of security. Composite doors have a larger variety of choice offering a modern or traditional look to the property. Whereas the uPVC door range although expansive is a more popular choice for a back or porch door, with the option for a larger glazed area to let in plenty of light.

Are they hard to maintain? Composite doors come with a long guarantee and don’t require the same level of maintenance as a timber door. We do recommend just a rub down with a warm soapy cloth every few months.

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