Composite Door Install

In Urmston, the customer had a UPVC with a bottom panel and with a glazing above the mid rail. They wanted a more secure door so selected this stunning composite door.

In Urmston, a customer embarked on a journey to enhance both the security and aesthetic allure of their residence. Faced with the desire for a more fortified entrance, they sought an upgrade from their existing uPVC door, which featured a bottom panel and glazing above the mid-rail. The solution lay in the form of a composite door that seamlessly combined strength and style.

The selection of a composite door proved to be a wise decision . Composite doors are renowned for their robust construction, employing a blend of materials that collectively deliver exceptional strength and resilience. This fortified design ensures heightened protection, assuring the homeowner of enhanced security against potential intruders.

Beyond its security benefits, the composite door also added a touch of sophistication to the home’s façade. The aesthetic appeal of the door merged wonderfully with the existing architectural elements, creating a seamless transition between tradition and modernity. Its elegant design, available in an array of styles and finishes, allowed the customer to customize their entrance to align with their personal taste and the character of the residence.

The installation of the composite door not only elevated the home’s security but also its overall curb appeal. This transformation stands as a testament to the combination of security and style that composite doors effortlessly bring to residential spaces, promising both peace of mind and a striking first impression for all who cross the threshold.

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