Replacement double glazed units

Failed units, Misted glass, Condensation between panes, Cloudy windows? These are the most recognisable terms used to describe when your double glazing has failed.

Often as a window company we receive enquiries about double glazed units that have “failed”. The customer may presume that the entire window may need replacing, this is not always the case. If a home had double glazing installed 10 to 15 years ago, it is quite likely there will be a failure of some of the double glazed units. So it’s important to understand why double glazed units fail.

Usually people notice this change by spotting water between the glass panes.

Your double glazed “unit”, (the glass itself) is a hermetically sealed unit containing either simple air or more recently argon gas with coatings on the inner panes of glass. If your windows are steaming up or condensating internally (water inside the pane), the simple explanation is that the hermetic seal of the double glazed unit has broken.

What causes the seal to break? What you may not know is that all things including windows expand and contract with heat and cold, this expansion and contraction may over time cause the hermetic seal to break.
With this seal broken, air carrying moisture is now entering the double glazed unit causing the condensation you see internally subject to whatever weather conditions are prevalent at the time or the internal moisture.

This is why for your piece of mind we provide a 10 year warranty on all our replacement double glazed units.

Our qualified installers will complete the replacement double glazed units and restore your window to its former glory. We will make an appointment that suits you, and come out to measure the failed unit. We will also take into account any other factors such as lead work to ensure we replace the unit like for like.

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