Double glazed Windows

Double glazed windows? Casement windows? Bay windows? Sash windows?, Sliding windows? Aluminium windows? The choice today is wider than it has ever been.

It has often been said that windows are the eyes of the home, allowing the owners the opportunity to watch what is happening outside. But window functions don’t just end there, windows provide natural lighting and ventilation, act as emergency exits, and can be seen as an integral component of the architectural style of the home. Nowadays windows to perform so many functions yet we still expect our windows to be inexpensive, easy to operate and maintain, durable and attractive – and energy-efficient. Increasing energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Because they are called upon to perform so many functions, it may be difficult for windows to do all of them equally well.


For example, a large north-facing picture window may give you a fantastic view of the countryside, but if the window is not very energy-efficient, the heat loss from it may be quite high. Sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to sit beside this window on a cold winter day. Luckily, technical breakthroughs such as double glazed windows and associated technology has ushered in the era of high-performance windows. If your windows are over fifteen years old, it may be time to think about replacing them.

Renovation or New Build

Lately, we have spent more on renovations than on new construction, with windows representing one of the largest single costs in a typical renovation. And, when it comes time for major renovations around the home, we are all are paying as much attention to energy efficiency and economics as they are to architecture and aesthetics. Remember, double glazed windows will last up to twenty years or more. Therefore, the decisions you make when choosing windows and doors – either for a renovation or a new home – can help increase energy efficiency and comfort levels in the home for years to come.

New Technologies

High-performance double glazed windows and doors offer significant improvements in solar control, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. They do this by incorporating low-E coatings, inert gas fills, and better edge spacers and frames.

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